Electromagnetic high frequency vibrating screen

Electromagnetic high frequency vibrating screen (electromagnetic screenfor short) is a new material screenequipment. It uses a new vibration mode and transmission principle and uses theelectromagnetic exciterto make the tr

Product Overview

Electromagnetic high frequency vibrating screen (electromagnetic screen for short) is a new material screen equipment. It uses a new vibration mode and transmission principle, and uses the  electromagnetic exciter to make the transmission system vibrating the screen, so as to improve the screen efficiency. It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, high efficiency, low power consumption and strong self-cleaning screen.
The MVS series electromagnetic vibration high frequency screen developed by Baita Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a new type of solid material screen machine. It uses new vibration mode and transmission principle, and uses electromagnetic exciter to drive transmission system, so that the transmission system can excite screen to achieve the purpose of improving screen efficiency.
It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, high efficiency, low power consumption, small dynamic load and strong self-cleaning screen.

Because the screen efficiency is high, the circulating load and the content of qualified particles in the screen material can be greatly reduced, thus improving the processing capacity of the mill (generally 5-10 percentage points higher). The sieving process has strict control over the size of the material under the screen, which can eliminate the adverse effect of big coarse ore particles on the quality of concentrate. Under the action of high frequency and small amplitude oscillation on the screen surface, the slurry can be stratified by density. High density small particles are easy to settle on the bottom of the material and pass through the screen, so the grade of the concentrate powder under the screen can be obviously improved.

II. Applications of products
This type of screen machine is mainly used for dry and wet screen, classification, dehydration, desliming and roughening of fine materials. Screen machine has single channel, double channel; single layer, double layer; one or more segments, forming more than 30 specifications. Now it has been widely used in metallurgical mineral processing, coal washing, building materials glass, petrochemical industry, light industrial ceramics, brick making, paper making, pharmaceutical, salt making, food and other industries and achieved good results.
In the classifying operation of the grinding and classification process in the concentrator, the screen efficiency can reach over 70% under the conditions of appropriate feed concentration, feed size (- 200 mesh particle content) and the difference between feed size and particle size under demand screen less than 30 percentage points.

On-site treatment of equipment

Ⅲ. Performance characteristics
1. The screen surface vibrate with high frequency, while the screen box stable. Its principle is that the elastic force of the elastic system of the vibrator fixed on the screen box balances the reaction force of the exciting force, so the screen box does not move.

2. Screen surface high-frequency vibration, frequency 50HZ, amplitude 1-2 mm, vibration intensity 8-10 times gravity acceleration, vibration intensity 2-3 times of the general vibration screen, screen surface self-cleaning ability, screen efficiency, processing capacity, very suitable for fine powder screen, dehydration, grading particle size is 0.074-3 mm.

3. The screen surface is composed of three layers of flexible screen mesh. The bottom layer is polyurethane mesh with wire rope core. It contacts directly with the exciting device. On the top of the screen, a composite net is stretched and laid with two layers of stainless steel wire braided mesh. The upper layer of the screen mesh contacts with the material. The size of the mesh is determined according to the screen process requirements. The opening rate of the screen mesh is high and it has a certain stiffness.

4. The inclination angle of the screen can be adjusted conveniently at any time, and can be adapted to different material properties and screen operations. The installation inclination of wet screen in concentrator is generally in the range of 25 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees, while that of dry screen is in the range of 33 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees.

5. Vibration parameters of screen machine are controlled by computer integration. Vibration parameters of each vibration system can be programmed by software. In addition to vibration parameters of general working conditions, there are intermittent instantaneous strong vibration to clean screen screen at any time, so as to keep screen hole free from blockage.

6. The specially designed electromagnetic vibration system adopts main rubber vibration spring, rubber hinge spring and rubber bearing, which can work reliably and continuously for a long time with low power consumption. The power of each electromagnetic vibrator is only 0.15KW. MVS-III 2020 electromagnetic high frequency screen is generally used in mineral processing, and its  power is only 1.2KW. This kind of screen is an energy-saving product.

7. The screen machine has many kinds of structure forms, such as single channel and double channel, single layer and multi-layer. It adopts modular design and can be designed flexibly according to the specific application situation.

Performance parameters of MVS-III electromagnetic vibration screen
Model screen area m² Overall size
L* W* H
Feed concentration Separation granularitymm Output
MVS-III2020 4 2618×2706×2618 30-50% 0.045-3 10-28 1.2
MVS-III2421 5 2618×3106×2718 30-50% 0.045-3 15-32 1.2
MVS-III2425 6 2618×3706×2868 30-50% 0.045-3 20-40 1.2

Note: The above tables are for reference only and the products can be customized.

The general structure is shown as the following figure: