Classification and identification of filter cloth for disc v

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The corresponding filter cloth specifications have their own density coefficient, as long as the comparison can be roughly distinguished.
II. Application of filter cloth for press
3. The silk material of the filter cloth can also be divided into three kinds: single filament, long filament, multi filament and short filament. Of course, the construction of these things needs to be calculated through relevant calculation, which is based on the production capacity of the filter press. For you to explain how we have filter presses for people, the summer should be how to maintain the filter press equipment, if the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius high temperature, the activity of oil molecules will continue to increase.
To identify filter cloth, we must first understand several main technical indicators of filter cloth.
1. Press filter cloth can be divided into polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinylon, cotton, new high-efficiency materials and other filter cloth according to the nature of the material. Among them, polyester staple fibers are also divided into large chemical fibers and small chemical fibers.
(2) Nonwovens. It's not clear. Including non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, filter felt, etc.
3. Weighing: It is mainly to measure the thickness of the filter cloth. It is better to weigh it with a small piece (g/m2).
Among them, density, thickness, weight, penetration, fracture strength and so on. Comparatively practical with density, thickness and weight, penetrating the heart.
According to the above determined values, the filter area can be calculated. After the filter area is determined, the size of sedimentation tank and reaction tank can be roughly estimated according to the calculated results. This method can absolutely save a lot of cost. There are spinning, needling, water weaving and so on.
Classification of filter cloth for filter press
How to deal with the fever of the filter press? Summer is coming before we know it.
1. Look at the color: the big chemical fiber filter cloth is white and glossy; the small chemical fiber filter cloth is dark and grey, and some filter felt is like Nomex, and the color is yellow.
3. Identification method of filter cloth of filter press
Press filter cloth is widely used in chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, non-metallic mineral industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection engineering, automotive industry and other industries, among which filter cloth product models, hundreds of thousands. Including polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinylon, cotton and so on. (How to deal with the fever of the filter press) The inscription of hydraulic oil will show a decreasing trend, so that the pressure without disorder can not make the hydraulic press under the function of a disorder pressure. (How to deal with the fever of the filter press) We should pay close attention to the maintenance of machinery and equipment at this time. For example, in summer when the computer is used for a long time, the fever will occur. In this case, the frequency of computer crash is very high. Because some specifications have different patterns, the specifications will also be different.
Pressure filtration cycle: daily amount of sludge treated
Volume after pressure filtration: V2, water content of sludge after pressure filtration is numeric B
Volume before pressure filtration: v1,
Size of filter surface area: 15 liters solid volume /
The identification of the production capacity of filter press is mainly explained by taking the filter surface area of wet sludge as an example.
In order to improve the cost control of filter press, the first step is to build water tank, reaction tank, sedimentation tank and so on, so as to solve the problem of matching equipment in the production process of filter press. (Gloss of filter cloth) Long fiber filter cloth, smooth surface, bright, short fiber filter cloth surface with hair. There are also twill and plain lines, which can also help you determine the model. (Density) One is to touch it by hand, the other is to count it. There are several silks in 10cm.
(1) Weaving. 4. Burning: Polyester burns black smoke and polypropylene burns blue. (How to deal with the fever of the filter press) With high-speed operation, the centrifugal force in the center will be kept moving farther slowly, so that the radius of the oil molecule will continue to increase, resulting in the increasing of the oil inscription and pressure. 734, 747, 758 and 3927 are all woven from the same kind of raw materials, but with different thickness and density. There are several weaving methods of filter cloth, plain weave, twill weave, Satin weave, double weave and so on.
Cost control every manufacturer must consider when producing equipment, which is related to the calculation of equipment profits. The lower the cost, the higher the profits the manufacturer can get. Yuzhou Shuangfa has been committed to reducing the cost of equipment research, and constantly seeking technological breakthroughs. At present, it has made more remarkable achievements. Therefore, when we use the filter press in summer, we should protect it and operate it accurately in order to prolong its life.
2. There are two kinds of textile methods.
2. Touch softness: Among them, staple fibers are as soft as 208,729 plush cloth. Softness and roughness require you to touch the sample bit by bit and write it down. 3927 is very rough and knotty, not soft.
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