Ceramic filters are widely used in chemical industry

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Joint reed is fine, strong and wear-resistant. And the PH value of filtrate in use, as well as the selection of weak alkali water to immerse the filter cloth for 10 to 24 hours, then the filter press equipment rubbed the filter cloth repeatedly, washed with clean water, and then aired to 90% dry can be manipulated again. The longer the filtration time, the higher the separation efficiency. Now let Xiaobian give you an introduction. This is the working principle of the filter press, I hope to help you all.
Secondly, when cleaning the filter press, it can be done manually. The filter press equipment can be cleaned with a brush, and the household shoe brush can be used to gently brush the impurities on the filter cloth. In the filtration process of industry, the whole process of cleaning filter press equipment is summarized from the experience of filter press construction.
Purchase filter press industry after use how to clean the entire cleaning process filter press, if there are more impurities in the filter containing granular objects, then after cleaning, we recommend that you check the cleaning effect, whether there are impurities residues, check filter press equipment qualified and re-put into use, to help reduce the probability of failure, effectively prolong service life. Following the process of filtration, cake filtration begins, mud cake thickness gradually increases, and filtration resistance increases. The specially designed filter cloth can intercept particles with diameter less than 1 micron. Rub it with your hands again and again, plus detergent.
As an important equipment in sewage sludge treatment process, the quality of the filter cloth of belt filter press often determines its treatment ability and effect to a certain extent. The average thickness of the interface is light and thin, which is not easy.
4. The direction of the filter belt diameter is not easy to deform, no arch, no fold.
Firstly, what preparatory work should be done before the filter press cleans after the time, and the nature of the filter cloth should be known, so as to choose the corresponding cleaning method.
Press filter can be said to be widely used in the chemical industry, but do you know its working principle? Long service life with acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. The basic principle of solid-liquid separation is that the mixed liquid flow passes through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solid stays on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulates on the filter cloth to form filter cake.
2. The filter belt has high tensile strength, strong fold resistance, average single filament and flexibility.
1. The surface of the filter belt should be as smooth as possible, so that the mud cake can be easily peeled off the filter cloth and washed out by the filter screen. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water. Thus valuable substances can be recovered and filtered mud cake with high purity can be obtained. Press filter is used for separating solid and liquid.
3. The glue used on both sides of the filter belt should be latex of good quality, soft and average, and not easy to fall off. At the same time, in the industry application, the construction of filter press equipment is non-toxic, tasteless, no toxic and side effects on human body, especially suitable for food, medicine and other industries!
5. The joints of filter belts are well-made and made of high-quality latex, which is light and not easy to fall off. So, what points should be paid attention to when choosing filter cloth of press filter?
Filter plate manufacturer: belt filter press as an important equipment in sewage sludge treatment process
。 Press filters are generally used in non-metallic ore, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, ceramics, electroplating, gas, papermaking, coking, pharmaceuticals, food, brewing, fine chemical industry raw materials production, is also an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in the process of industrial waste liquid and sewage discharge. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the mud cake filtered by filter press has higher solid content and better separation effect. Remove the filter from the frame of the filter press equipment and soak it in water. The filtrate Department seeps out the filter cloth and becomes a clear liquid without solid. In addition to excellent separation effect and high solid content of mud cake, filter press can also provide further separation process: in the process of filtration, filter mud cake can be effectively washed at the same time.
The filter press will leave some residue after operation. In order not to affect the subsequent operation of the filter, it is necessary to clean the filter press in time.
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