Pearlescent mica pigments are wet ground mica sheets of high

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Pearlescent Mica Pigment
Pearlescent mica pigments are pearlescent pigments which are coated with one or more layers of titanium dioxide or other metal oxides on high quality wet-ground mica sheets. Because of its stable chemical properties, non-toxicity, high refractive index, high covering property and high temperature resistance, it can give the object pearly luster and give a profound three-dimensional space feeling. As filler or coating, it can greatly enhance the luminosity of the matrix and produce pearlescent effect. Therefore, it is used in plastics, rubber, paint, ceramics, paper-making, leather, printing, decoration and cosmetics. The industry has a wide range of uses. Pearlescent mica pigments widely used in industry are mostly single dredged layer structure, that is, only a colorless transparent or colored golden oxide film is covered on the surface of mica. Single layer Pearlescent Mica Pigments have been developed early and their technology is relatively mature. With the wide application of Pearlescent Mica pigments, the application of Pearlescent Mica Pigments with layer A. M structure is limited in some special occasions due to their poor covering and coloring properties. For this reason, many kinds of multi-layer structures and organic pigments of Pearlescent Mica have been developed to improve the shading properties.
Compared with the single layer, the double-layer Pearlescent Mica Pigments not only have a colorless transparent metal oxide film which interferes to produce pearlescent, but also have a metal vapor film which absorbs the natural color. They also have a strong pearlescent luster, a higher covering power and a lake coloring power.
Multi-tobacco y Pearlescent Mica Pigments are further developed on the basis of double-layer Pearlescent Mica Pigments to improve the covering performance, Cao-color performance and pearlescent effect. They are composed of colorless transparent metal oxide films, metal oxide films with absorption characteristics and nanometer metal particle layers. Their pearlescent effect, covering performance and coloring performance have been improved by 3.
Organic pigmented Pearlescent Mica Pigments are a new type of pearlescent pigments formed by coating organic pigments or dyes on the surface of mica. It mainly utilizes the advantages of organic pigments or dyes, such as wide chromatogram, bright color, good dispersion and high hue saturation, to improve the coloring performance of Pearlescent Mica pigments.
Pearlescent mica pigments are produced in Shantou, Guangzhou, Taixing, Danyang, Beijing, Ya'an and other places, with an annual output of 1,000 tons. Besides self-use, Pearlescent Mica Pigments are also produced in the USA, Japan, Germany and other countries. High-grade Pearlescent Mica raw materials need to be imported.
Synthetic mica
Fluorophlogopite synthesized by internal heating is prepared by melting chemical raw materials at high temperature and cooling crystallization. Crystal seed method is produced by crucible induction method with crushed synthetic mica as raw material.
Internal thermal method has more than ten tons of frits, which can provide a large area of mica and cliff for direct application: crushed mica used to make synthetic mica paper and synthetic mica powder. Production of large synthetic mica by seed method can be directly used to produce electronic tube brackets, capacitor chips, high resistance insulating skeleton, high pressure boiler water level meter, microwave and various ray window materials.
With the development of refractory wire and cable industry, especially the type A refractory wire and cable, it is better to use synthetic mica tape made of synthetic mica paper as refractory insulation layer, which will promote the development of synthetic mica by internal heating method.
Mica tape for refractory wires and cables (refractory mica tape)
In the 1980s, with the development of cables, some developed countries began to use mica as refractory insulating layer in cable industry, which made the manufacture of refractory cables simpler and more reliable. To this end, major cable factories and mica processing enterprises have invested human resources to conduct research on the development of refractory cables and mica tapes for cables.
The refractory mica tape is composed of mica paper, adhesive and reinforcing material on a special mica tape machine. The mica paper used includes mica paper and synthetic mica paper to ensure that the refractory wires and cables pass through category B (750-800 Zhang) and category A (950-1000T) fire resistance requirements. Organosilicon resin is commonly used as binder and alkali-free glass cloth or polymer film as reinforcing material.
Many enterprises use glass cloth to reinforce. Due to technical reasons, some mica tapes produced by some enterprises have the problems of mica paper falling off during wrapping process, mica paper anti-sticking, stretching, low strength and so on, which affect their use. Therefore, the quality of glass cloth and mica paper should be improved, and the manufacturing process should be improved to improve the quality M of refractory mica tape.

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